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Google Analytics


How to Install Facebook Chat:

Facebook chat integration will only work with a Facebook Page. If you do not have a Facebook Page (not just a regular account), please see this article:
Setting Up A Facebook Page

Once you have a page set up, you will need to enter the Facebook Page ID above. Here is how you find the Page ID: How do I find my Facebook Page ID?

Finally, you need to white-list the domain. Copy this domain:

Go to your Page on Facebook.
Click on Settings in the upper right.
Click on Advanced Messaging on the left.
Scroll down to Whitelisted Domains and add the domain you copied above
Click Save

How to enable Google Analytics

  1. Go to Marketplace on the left-hand side from your dashboard
  2. Enter your google analytics Tracking Code

How to set up Zoom Integration

The new Zoom integration allows for a Prospect to click the Leaders Zoom and be referred to the App Users Contact or Referral ID website.