Leverage Your Group Code


GC Pricing Explained

What is a Group Code:

The Code that controls the content available to a particular group or company. Each company and group has a unique code. A User will need to enter a group code upon signing up for the App. The User can then add more Group Codes once logged in on the App.

  1. Does not change the custom logo on the dashboard
  2. Can not edit shared resources
  3. Can be a child or parent in the account structure
  4. Must adhere to the parent account category structure

Types of Group Codes:

  • Parent & Child
  • Language
  • Crossline Leaders
  • Resource A & B Testing
  • Enterprise/Inline Team Leaders
  • Special Coaching
  • Specific Vertical Markets
  • Product Launch
  • Membership Levels & Designations
  • Multi-Company Resources