Event Strategy


Creating Events is easy! Just follow through step-by-step below to start setting up Events for your account:


  1. Click the Events tab under the menu found on your Dashboard and look for the Add Event button. 
  2. The Create New Event box will pop-up and you’ll need to fill out the following information;
  • Event Name
  • Visibility
    •  Global Events – Global events will show on the calendar regardless of the location of the App user. 
    • Local Events – Local events are available to App users that are in the same state the event is happening in. 
    • National Events – National Events is available to App users that are in the same country the event is happening in.
  • Category
    • Account Category – Events created here are available to all Users in the account, depending on the visibility of the event and the location of the App User. 
    • Personal Category – Events created here will only appear in your calendar.
  • Type; identifies if the event is virtual or in person. 
    • In Person – Choosing this will give you options for entering the physical location of an event. 
    • Virtual – Choosing this will allow you to enter the necessary information to access the event virtually, online. 
  • Internal Description; shown to the App users when they’re logged in to the App.
  • External Description; shown to prospects or contacts when they’re sent a link to the event.
  • Repeat Event; you can set the event to repeat and choose how long you’d like the repeats to continue. 

(Click continue here to proceed to the next box)

  • Groups; choose which group you’re creating this event for. 
  • Image; upload a photo ( 1×1 ratio) to make your event listing more appealing.
  • Subject For Email*; this is the email subject line that the contact will see when this event is shared with them via email.
  • Formatted Message for email invites sent from web*; this is where you can view the email that your contacts will see when they receive your event invite. It has been prewritten for you and doesn’t need to be changed, unless you’d like to. 
    • NOTE: If you make changes, be careful to ensure that the placeholder for the link is not altered or removed, or your email invite will not be properly linked to the event. 
  • Contact Info; leave this part blank.