Contacts Overview


How to add Contacts


How to Import Contacts To Web APP via CSV

Adding your contacts to the App is one of the first steps you have to do in order to start your journey. As a leader in your organization, here are the effective things you and your team can do to manage your contacts

How to Add Contacts

1. On the left Panel go to Contacts
2. Click Create New Contact
3. Fill up all the information for your Contact
4. Hit Save or Save and Add another Contact.


How to Transfer A Contact

1. On the left Panel go to Contacts
2. On the Top Selection box where it says Bulk Action, Select Transfer Contact
3.You can filter the contacts based on their, Opt-In Date, Date Added, Email Address, State, City, Added By, Campaign Name, Phone, Notes, Interest Level, Campaign Status, Resource Status and Label
4. Select the contacts you want to transfer by checking the box on the first column of the contacts table
5.Click Submit beside the Selection Box where you selected Transfer Contacts
6.Select the user you want to transfer the contacts to
7.Click on the Transfer Icon under the Action Column(the last column of the table).
8.Click continue to confirm


How to Upload Multiple Contacts

1. On the left Panel go to Contacts
3. Upload your Contacts CSV file(you can drag and drop or browse it from your computer) then hit Next Button
4. Assign To The Columns Of The Imported CSV To Your Contact Record’s Matching Field. ex. First Name – First Name(from your CSV File) then Hit Next Button.
5. Click Import then wait for the contacts to be uploaded.