Coaching Overview


Set-Up A Course


The coaching section is divided into courses and the courses contain different modules. How to create a course and understanding modules are two important things you’ll need to know, in order to manage the coaching section of your App.


How to Create a New Course

  1. Log in to the App and from the Dashboard Menu, choose Coaching. 
  2. From the Coaching page, click on Create New Course – found on the upper right side. 
  3. Once you click, a box will pop up where you’ll be asked to: enter the title and course description, upload a photo, assign it to a group code, determine its resource type, whether it will be an active course and if it’s free or not.
  • Different Types of Coaching
    • Always available; the course content will available all the time
    • Rotating; content rotation 
    • Date Range; set the duration for which this course will be available
    • Progressive; Users will not allow users to progress to the next video until they finish the first one 
  1. After adding all required information, your course will be created. From there you only need to upload your modules (videos) into the course. 


Uploading Video Modules

  1. Click Create New Module. 
  2. A pop-up will appear where you’ll be asked to fill out the Module name and description. 
  3. Upload the video directly from your computer, or click on ‘available videos’ and choose your title from the pop-up menu. 
  4. After uploading, hit save and you’re done.. 


Additional Note: You can only upload video files in the Coaching section