NOTE: Only users who have opted-in can be sent Broadcast Emails (these are users who have been assigned to a campaign and have opted-in)

1) Click ‘BROADCAST EMAIL’ on the left navigation panel
2) Select ‘+USERS’ at the top right
3) A new window will pop out and here you can choose to send the email to:
● ALL Users or;
● To a particular group of Users
3.a.) To send Broadcast emails to all Users, click the ‘Send to All Users’ button.
3.b.) To send to a particular group, select from the filters available on the Field drop-down list. You can filter the recipients based on:
Added Date
Email Address
User Type – can be as follows:
○ Based on user’s Subscription status:
■ 1) Paid, 2) Trial, Free, 3) Trial: Paid 4) Promo Paid
○ Based on user’s Opt-in rate:
■ 1) Warned, 2) Restricted
4) Click ‘Show Filter Results’ to know how many users are qualified to be sent a Broadcast email based on the filter used. Example: To send a Broadcast email to users that were added from Jan 01, 2019 to June 30, 2019, you need to select the following:
Fields: Added Date
From: 01/01/2019
To: 06/30/2019
5) Click ‘Create Broadcast’ to start creating your email
6) Fill out the form on the next window:
Subject – Type the subject line of the email here
Content – Type the body of the email here. You may use any of the formatting tools, Content Placeholders and Available Resources to personalize your email. Refer to ‘HOW DO I USE CONTENT PLACEHOLDERS AND AVAILABLE RESOURCES ON MY BROADCAST EMAILS?’ for more info.
7) Once you’re done adding the Content, click the ‘Copy Above Content to Clipboard’ and;
8) Paste the copied email (or use select Ctrl + V) in the ‘Text Content’ box
9) On the ‘Send Email From’ – type the email address you would want to use in sending the Broadcast email. If this field is left blank, the email will come from your RapidFunnel account email address.
10) You can send a test email to yourself before sending it to your recipients. This step is optional. You can go to Step 11 if you want to skip this.
10.a. Click ‘Save Draft’.
10.b. You’ll then see the list of Broadcast emails. Click the ‘View/Edit’ button of the email that you’re working on.
10.c. Hit the ‘Send Test Email’ button
10.d. Type in the email where you’d like to receive the preview
10.e. Hit ‘Send’
11) Select ‘Save For Review’, ‘Save Draft’, or ‘Back’
11.a. If you do not want to send a test mail, simply click the Send button to send the Broadcast email.
11.b. Click Save Draft if you are not ready to send the email but would like to save it.
11.c. Click Back to cancel


B.1. Adding Content Placeholders – You can add Content Placeholders on the Subject and the Content of your Broadcast email. Using these placeholders will replace the appropriate data when the email is sent.
1) Click ‘Content Placeholders’ found on the right-side column
2) Select from the list of available placeholders
3) Add the appropriate placeholder on the Subject* and Content* box. See example below:

B.2. Adding Available Resources – You can add resource links to your Broadcast emails
1) Click ‘Available Resources’ found on the right-side column
2) Select from the list of available
3) Copy the link of the resource you would like to use in your email

4) On the Content* box, highlight the word or phrase that you’d like to link the resource to and;
5) Select ‘Link’ (or press Ctrl + K) found on the formatting tools
6) Paste the resource link under the ‘To what URL should this link go?’ field. See screenshot below.
7) Click ‘Insert Link’