Below are the 4 types of contests you should be running at all times and some wording examples you can cut and paste!
1) Annual Leaderboard

2020 Leader Board
Annual Contest
(The start date should start with the leader’s launch but I’m sure there is an argument to wait until field launch. I personally think it is to everyone’s benefit and inspiration to already see the Top Leaders on the Annual leaderboard at launch although it may be unfair for those joining the party later)

2) Monthly Top X Contest
(List Month) Top X Contest!
Top X User(s) with the most engagements for (Month) will win X.
(Just make sure this contest ends at the end of the month so it sets the account up to do another monthly contest the next month. If you start a contest after the 15th then have it run a month and a half.)
3) Recognition Board (Minimum Qualifier)
(List Month) Recognition Board
Get X Engagements for the month of X and receive X
(Must have at least X Sales To Qualify to Win, All Engagements Count)
( This should always start at 5 engagements no matter what the account. Grow can adjust the number the next month based on participation. There were several launched at 20 engagements to qualify which no one qualified for and it defeats the purpose of moving the middle)
4) RSVP Contest
Weekly RSVP Contest
User with the most RSVP’s each week will be edified on the X Weekly Call
(If you are entering the weekly training and opportunity calls in the calendar this is low hanging fruit. It’s best to commend the winner on the opportunity call and have the leader get in the habit of letting the winner speak but some prefer to recognize winners during the weekly training. Whatever event you decide to use, set the contest to reset on the next day after you recognize the winner)