The Paradigm Shift Changing MarTech Forever…

Authentic Sharing Technology
Inspired by Human Behavior


Authentic Sharing Technology (AST) is a new breed of technology tools and analytics within the MarTech space; specifically designed to respect and enhance the unique power of a one-to-one human connection. It was developed in response to the growing public backlash against the faceless barrage of big data marketing and invasive advertising.

Typical digital marketing tools attempt to automate everything and end up removing the human touch. AST enabled products take human psychology, behaviours and habits into account. They’re designed to drive increased personal, human interactions in a way that feels natural and real to the users, making them the perfect choice for sales, coaching/training, employee referral programs, network marketing, or for any entrepreneur who connects with their clients directly.

A hallmark of any Authentic Sharing Technology product is that the communications remain private to the individuals and advertising free. Valuable data collected stays with the company or individual using the tools. AST products connect seamlessly with social media, but are not part of that world.

Sparked by an initial human connection, Authentic Sharing Technology tools work to increase interactions between two people and build on the natural relationship.